moving words go brrrrrrrrrrrrr

here iz how many ppl hav seen my page (sum of them might be me):

Web Hits

its me :)

its me :)


random funny picture:


Catch me!


okie i know you could get her earlier but here is my favorite gif from the random funny pictures because she is really cute and dances to the music sometimes. i do not know her i hope she has a fantastic day. if u get her twice u get bonus lucky points or somethign

try typing here owo. make up your OWN mutsumi. or maybe tell me about who the dancing cat girl is. actually i can't see anything you put here so maybe don't do that last one. also don't do the first one because im the best mutsumi


Here are some of my coolest friends who i've made.

This is my friend froggy also known as espher. she does really cool music and she is not scared to put her face on the internet which is admirable. it took me two hours to press upload on the picture of me up there and even now i am considering removing it.

here is espher

This is my friend kaito, i do not know him very well but i think he is very very very cool also he built a bird.

here is kaito

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