Skyline Ribbon Band Story

Chapter 1


*A store doorbell sounds.*

???: Delivery!

[Donut Delivery Scene Graphic]

Older Lady: Oh, Kozutsumi-chan! You’re running early.

Hatsue: Mhm. Guess I woke up earlier today.

Older Lady: You’re so reliable. I know I couldn’t trust my daughter to get up before noon on a Saturday at your age. What’s your secret?

Hatsue: I’m being paid.

Older Lady: Ha ha! Yes, I suppose that would certainly do it, wouldn’t it?

Here you go, then. A little extra something.

Hatsue: Oh, no, I don’t need a ti- ooooooooh, wait wait yes please.

Older Lady: I knew it would be a hit. You’re always so cute with your hair ribbons.

Hatsue: Thank yoooouuu~

Older Lady: It’ll only be a few more minutes before he-

*A door opens and closes.*

Older Man: Donut girl! Right on time!

Hatsue: Good morning.

Older Man: I suppose I need to sign something?

Hatsue: Not with an online order, sir.

Older Man: Ahh, right. I’m still getting used to that... internet thingamabob.

Older Woman: At least you didn’t put your credit card in the CD slot this time!

Older Man: Wh- stop embarrassing me in front of the donut girl!

Hatsue: (She’s covering her mouth, trying not to laugh.)

Older Man: (He sighs.) I suppose I’m off, then.

Hatsue: Sorry I can’t deliver them straight to your office.

Older Man: No, no, it’s no bother! Besides, I look better if I carry them in myself.

Hatsue: If you insist.

Older Man: Oh! By the way, here. If it’s not too much of a bother, would you mind putting up a few of these around your store?

Hatsue: Hm?

[Flyer Graphic]

Hatsue: An ad contest?

Older Man: It’s supposed to be some kind of ‘local outreach’ thing- they’re helping out local businesses and shopping districts. Bakers’ Street is the first place they’re testing this.

Hatsue: ...

Older Woman: Kozutsumi-chan? Everything okay?

Hatsue: Yeah, yeah. This... sounds really fun.

Older Man: If you’d like to participate, by all means, go ahead! It’s open to anyone who owns a local business, and I suppose their children count as well.

Hatsue: ...

Older Woman: You both really ought to get going now.

Older Man: Right, right. Okay, I’m off.

Older Woman: You too, Kozutsumi-chan.

Hatsue: Alright. Thanks again for the ribbon.

*The doorbell sounds two more times.*


[Chatroom Graphic]

Hatsue: look what i found

(She sends a photo of the flyer.)

Tatsu: yoooooo sign me UP

Yomi: Tatsu it’s been two seconds did you even read it

Tatsu: i read a fuck ton of zeroes

Ana: I also read those zeroes and am interested.

Hatsue: got it from the guy i deliver to who works at the ad agency he gave me like twelve do you guys want any we could put some up in the windows

Yomi: I’ll take a couple

Hatsue: also i kind of want to enter but i dont have any ideas i was thinking that you guys might have some though

Tatsu: do it 4 the zeroes

Yomi: It’s not that many zeroes

Ana: If we entered as a team we’d have to spit it but even divided by five that’s a satisfactory amount of zeroes.

Kit: what’s going on

Yomi: Literally read the picture

Kit: what picture

Yomi: scroll up

Kit: oh

Hatsue: if were actually gonna do this lets meet up at my house to brainstorm we were already meeting up at my house for lunch anyways so there shouldn’t be a problem

Ana: You say that like it’s decided lol.

Tatsu: it has been decided wer’e doing it

Kit: ooh this looks fun

Tatsu: or at least that we’re going over there

Tatsu: *we’re whoops lmao

Yomi: ok fine whatever

Kit: I’m gonna bring my drawing stuff :3

Ana: I will look on their website since the poster says there are more details there.

Tatsu: i’ll bring cookies

Hatsue: ill bring my house

Yomi: everyone shut up i’m doing homework