Music - The Pieces of Eight

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Songs that don't fit in any album, or aren't in one yet.

1741: The Battle of Cartagena

1741: The Battle of Cartagena (Original Artist: Alestorm)


Keelhauled! (Original Artist: Alestorm)

'Image Songs' for the girls in The Pieces of Eight! These are each sung by one girl, who does not necessarily play her instrument when performing it.

Treasure Island (Original Artist: Alestorm)

Zetsubou Billy (Original Artist: Maximum The Hormone)

Pegleg Potion (Original Artist: Alestorm)

Beginner's Sailing(Original Artist: Watanabe You)

Kyouran Hey Kids!!!

Kyouran Hey Kids!!! (Original Artist: The Oral Cigarettes)

Songs released in collaboration with other bands.