Music - Skyline Ribbon

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Songs that don't fit in any album, or aren't in one yet.

Change the Skyline

Change the Skyline (Original Artist: Duran Duran)

Unknown World

Unknown World (Original Artist: Schrodinger's Cat)

'Image Songs' for the girls in Skyline Ribbon! These are each sung by one girl, who does not necessarily play her instrument when performing it.

Dream Sweet in Sea Major

Dream Sweet in Sea Major (Original Artist: Miracle Musical)

Chic Chicke

Chic Chick (Original Artist: Poppy)

Nekomimi Archive (Original Artist: Kusoinaka-P)

Snow Halation

Snow Halation (Original Artist: μ's)

Raspberry Heaven (Original Artist: Oranges and Lemons)

Songs released in collaboration with other bands.