Manga-Anime Comparison Guide

and 'when to listen to what OP/ED if you're reading 'steada watching' guide

Some episode/chapter titles contain MAJOR SPOILERS! If you see redacted-looking text, just hover your mouse over it like this to reveal the title, but you have been warned :') As always, if you notice a mistake, let me know in the site profile comments.

Episode 1: Eternal Rivals (永遠のライバル) Game 1: Descent of the Go Master (棋聖降臨) [PART ONE] OP: Get Over (dream)
ED: Bokura no Bouken (Kids Alive)
Game 2: From A Level Beyond
Episode 2: The Key Point (見ぬかれた急所!!) Game 1: Descent of the Go Master (棋聖降臨) [PART TWO]
Game 3: Matters of Life and Death (死活の急所)
Episode 3: Akira Bares His Fangs (牙をむくアキラ) Game 4: Inexcusable (許せない暴言)
Game 5: Akira Bares His Fangs (牙を剝くアキラ)
Episode 4: Kaga of the Shogi Club (将棋部の加賀)
Episode 5: An Inkling of an Awakening (覚醒の予感)
Episode 6: A Game of Beauty (美しい一局)
Episode 7: I'm Not Going to Play You (お前とは打たない)
Episode 8: Rainy Day Strategy (雨の中の策略)
Episode 9: Eyesore (目ざわりな奴!!)
Episode 10: The Third Player (3人目のメンバー)
Episode 11: A Very Despicable Act (最も卑劣な行為)
Episode 12: No Cheating Allowed (三将はお前だ)
Episode 13: A Personal Resolve (それぞれの決意) ED: Hitomi no Chikara (Arisa Mizuki)
Episode 14: The Third Match (三度目の対局)
Episode 15: The Ghost in the Net (ネットに潜む棋士)
Episode 16: Who Is Sai? (sai はだれだ)
Episode 17: Déjà Vu (追憶の一局)
Episode 18: Akira vs. Sai (アキラ対sai)
Episode 19: Hikaru's True Strength (ヒカルの実力)
Episode 20: The Road to Turning Pro (プロへの道)
Episode 21: The Haze Middle School Go Club (葉瀬中囲碁部)
Episode 22: The Insei Test (院生試験)
Episode 23: The Championship Room (幽玄の間)
Episode 24: Akira vs. The Oza (王座vsアキラ)
Episode 25: Fear and Impatience (恐れとあせりと)
Episode 26: Welcome to the A-League (ようこそ一組へ)
Episode 27: A Place to Return (時々戻りたい場所)
Episode 28: The Young Lion's Tournament (若獅子戦)
Episode 29: Kuwabara Hon'inbo (桑原本因坊)
Episode 30: Ogata vs. The Hon'inbo (绪方vs本因坊)
Episode 31: The Awful Opponent (プロ試験開始) OP: I'll Be The One (HΛL)
ED: Sincerely: Ever Dream (dream)
Episode 32: The Last Day of the Prelims (予選最終日)
Episode 33: We're A Team! (チーム結成!)
Episode 34: No Winning Allowed (勝ってはならない)
Episode 35: Only One Can Win (勝者はひとり)
Episode 36: My Name Is... (オレの名は)
Episode 37: The Pro Exam Begins (本戦開始)
Episode 38: The Challengers (挑戦者たち)
Episode 39: An Ill-Fated Moment (魔の一瞬)
Episode 40: Where are the Victories? (白星の行方)
Episode 41: Three Weeks isn't Enough! (三週では遅い!)
Episode 42: The First to Pass (一人目の合格者)
Episode 43: Hikaru vs. Waya (ヒカルvs和谷)
Episode 44: Comeback from the Brink (起死回生)
Episode 45: Hikaru vs. Ochi (ヒカルvs越智)
Episode 46: The Final Day of the Pro Exam (プロ試験最終日)
Episode 47: Into the World of the Pros (プロの世界へ) ED: Days (shela)
Episode 48: Sai vs. Meijin (佐為vs名人)
Episode 49: A Game of Desperate Measures (捨て身の一局)
Episode 50: Fujiwara-no-Sai (藤原佐為?)
Episode 51: Kurata 6-Dan (倉田六段)
Episode 52: Hikaru vs. Akira (ヒカルvsアキラ)
Episode 53: The Acknowledgement of Sai (sai の告白)
Episode 54: The Excitement Mounts (たかぶる心)
Episode 55: Sai vs. Koyo Toya (sai VS toya koyo)
Episode 56: After a Millenium Comes the Answer! (千年の答え)
Episode 57: Let Me Play Sai! (saiと打たせろ)
Episode 58: One-Color Go (一色碁)
Episode 59: Koyo Toya Retires! (塔矢行洋引退)
Episode 60: Farewell Hikaru (さよならヒカル)
Episode 61: Is Sai Really Gone? (佐為が消えた?) OP: Fantasy (Nana Katase)
Episode 62: Hiroshima's Top Player (広島最強棋士)
Episode 63: I'm Never Gonna Play Again! (もう打たない)
Episode 64: Keicho Flower Bowls (慶長の花器) ED: Music is my Thing (dream)
Episode 65: Isumi no Go (伊角の碁)
Episode 66: Fateful Encounter (運命の出会い)
Episode 67: Isumi's Test (試される伊角)
Episode 68: Losing By Default (不戦敗)
Episode 69: A Determined Visitor (決意の訪問者)
Episode 70: Sai Was Here (佐為がいた...)
Episode 71: Making A Comeback (復帰初戦)
Episode 72: The Race Is On (走りだした二人)
Episode 73: Shindo vs. Toya (進藤対塔矢)
Episode 74: The Power Within (キミの中にいる)
Episode 75: A Nostalgic Smile (なつかしい笑顔) ED: Get Over (Special Mix) (dream)
New Year Special – The Road to the Hokuto Cup ED: Everlasting Snow (dream)